Ellis - F5 Special

Build Year: 1985
Serial: 42

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Ellis F5 built for Ricky Skaggs

One of two instruments Tom Ellis built for Ricky Skaggs in the early 80's.

Ricky used it extensively from 1985, the year he was named Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association, through 1998. The two-piece maple back sports a dramatic quilted pattern. The original pickguard (along with a replacement) are long gone. The Superior hardshell case has been painted to resemble distressed leather. Documented with a copy of Frets magazine with Ricky and this mandolin on the cover, an article in Frets showing Ellis working on this mandolin in his shop, and letters from Ricky, Ellis and mandolin dealer Dexter Johnson.

Sold by Carter's Vintage in Nashville in 2015.

Gold Schaller F Style Tuners with pearl buttons (not original?)

In 2015 the new owner took the instrument back to Tom's shop in Austin and had him do a refret, add a new Ellis Script James Tailpiece, and add a new single footed bridge.

From that point on it toured with the band Fauxgrass as they toured the US, until it was sold in 2017 to a private owner.

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Photo Credit: Carter Vintage Guitars
Fine hand crafted instruments. Made in Austin Texas, U.S.A. by Tom Ellis

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