About RuttList

This is just the pet project of somebody who spends too much time looking at instruments online and admiring the work of amazing crafstmen.

I'm hoping to provide a forum for instrument collectors to share photographs of the instruments that come in and out of their possession

Our long term goals include:

  • Setting up archives of instruments built by top luthiers.
  • Allowing members to maintain lists of the instruments they currently owned and have owned.
  • Opt-In features to allow members to connect with others nearby to try out instruments.
  • Tools to allow small builders to maintain and contact their owner lists, and to help with warranty registration.
  • Probably a lot more, this is fun.

Ultimately we want to help you turn your forum signatures from this:

Scott R.
2017 Pava A5 Pro - Autumn Burst
2006 Weber Bitterroot F5 Mahogany

Into this:

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