Let’s Build A Mandolin - Tom Ellis And F5 Special #464 - Part 8

By Scott R. - 5 years ago

Body Binding Completed

Once the top binding is installed, the back binding goes on in the same order. Here is a look at the final results of #464 as it leaves Pava's bench.

Back Binding Components

There are nearly a dozen components to the back binding of an Ellis F5. Here they are shown in tortise for the back of #464.

Back Binding Installed

Once installed and sanded, the contrasting tortoise binding with the back of #464 in the white is truly striking.

Completed Top Binding

Here is a look at the completed top binding of #464.

Point Detail

Pava shows off her skill in binding with the sharp mitered corners of this F5's tortoise bound point. Everything flows together just like it is made of a single continuous piece of material.

Part 9: Final Assembly →

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